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All about Indian marriages

by Jharna Bhatnagar

In India, marriages and weddings are grand and auspicious events. Marriages in India are mostly arranged marriages. It’s a big thing and celebrated at a large scale when two individuals are tied in a holy matrimonial, it’s not just the union of two people but also a union of two families.

Every culture, every religion prevailing in India follows different tradition and style of marriage, be it †Bengali matrimony, Guajarati matrimony, Orissa matrimony, Punjabi matrimony, Sindhi matrimony, Bihar matrimony, Tamil matrimony etc, all have their own unique style and customs to conduct the wedding. There hundreds of cultures and religions prevailing in India and it is fascinating how each has a distinguished set of rituals that are conducted during their weddings. Though there are few things that are common in almost all marriages irrespective of the culture like:

‘Kundli †kundli is made on a Child’s birth based upon calculations and planetary positions at that time. Matching of the kundli of both the bride and groom before fixing the marriage.

‘Mehendi †mehendi or henna which is a paste prepared by crushing fresh henna leaves is applied on the hands of the bride in beautiful patterns, adding to her make up and enhancing her beauty on the D day. In the US, mehendi is also termed as temporary tattoo.

‘Pundit †pundit is the religious person also known as the priest who actually commences the entire ceremony of marriage; the pundit recites the chants and prayers to bless the couple as per our holy Hindu rituals.

‘Puja †puja is a very essential part of every wedding , though the style might change depending upon the religion but the basic essence remains same.

‘Shehnai †no happy occasion is complete without music, most of the marriage functions till today include traditional shehnai in their celebrations and joy.

‘Sarees and bangles †sarees are the traditional attire for women, ladies on both the sides, the bride and the grooms, buy exquisite sarees and bangles to wear as well as to gift.

Indian marriages are not just a brief one day affair but a prolonged celebration that lasts almost an entire week. Each day dedicated to one new function, each day signifying a new belief; like †sangeet, haldi ki rasam, mehendi raat, roka, sagai etc. Besides, if we trace back to our history as per our Vedas and Holy Scriptures each tradition, each custom, each prayer and day has its own story and a reason for its practice till today.

Though in today’s date, the trend has changed a lot with the change in era and mind sets, a lot of show and money goes into marriage parties, it involves a lot of grandeur. People in today’s date are very particular to the things that they would have in their marriage like †decoration, music, caterers, food, venue, dresses etc. but even with the changing trends, marriage in India symbolizes tradition, rich culture, faith, and customs.

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The main benefit is to be a registered member you can achieve phone numbers, picture and other information from the insured party. As a free user you can see, but could not achieve any personal or guaranteed. The next option is to discover your soul mate today, permits you to search your soul mate without payment or registration. To do this, you need to fill in some options such as finding a groom or bride, age, country, community, language. Lastly, click on the search button on Matrimonial website. After getting the right partnerships, parents should check the background of the child’s family. Once tested and verified that it is certainly a respectable family can have a good name around. The next step is to match the horoscopes of boy and girl according to ancient Indian astrology. After both parties horoscope matches, then boy and girls parents continue their steps.

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Astrology- Marriage Match/ Not match. Please give advice whether my marriage life will be happy or not?

hi sir

I am loving a girl for the past three years. but now i have no interest on that girl. but she is loving a lot without any doubt. please say whether my married life with that girl will be nice or not

My date of birth- 04 jan 1976
place- madurai,tamil nadu, india
time- 00.54min morning

my would be wife details

My date of birth- 10 dec 1985
place- madurai,tamil nadu, india
time- 8.28pm

please give a remedy to lead a peaceful life

thanks in advance

You shouldn’t be marrying anyone you don’t love.Astrology can’t make you love someone,and without love marriage has no point! So do the woman a favour and let her go!!

tamil marriage matching/

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