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Astrology – Who You Are Compatible With

Marriage Prediction Free

By River S.

Countless people from all over the world consult astrology for insights into various facets of their lives, most especially, love relationships. Few would question that compatibility is key to happiness and fulfillment as a couple, whether or not they believe in astrology. Astrologers maintain that the ancient symbols of the heavens can help discover how human beings relate with one another.

Basic Compatibility Guidelines: Sun Signs

Zodiac signs are the easiest to use in astrological compatibility. Everyone knows at least his or her Sun sign or star sign. Your Sun sign is good for comparing the inner character and psychological motivation of you and people around you. The Sun sign influences the mind and how you think also (but not how you communicate, which is more Mercury).

Zodiac signs that are airy or fiery are compatible. These are the active signs, namely

  1. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius (fire)
  2. Libra, Aquarius and Gemini (air)

Zodiac signs that are earthy or watery are compatible too. These are the passive signs, namely:

  1. Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo (earth)
  2. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces (water)

Their basic attitudes are similar. But this doesn’t mean they always like each other. It is quite possible (and it often happens) that they don’t like each other. For example, a Leo Sun sign may be enemies with an Aries Sun, yet their basic motivation and attitude toward life is similar: spirited, outgoing and passionate. Both fire and air signs are outgoing and active types.

In the case of the passive signs, they are all slow, quiet, introverted and feminine. They seek emotional and physical comforts. A Virgo Sun can relate to a Scorpio Sun, for example. Both are perceptive, analytical, loyal and often prone to worry.

Compatible Sun signs take to life in a similar fashion. You’ll find it easier to understand and empathize with one whose sign is compatible with yours. For example, a Sun in Libra and Sun in Aquarius are both air signs. They are capable of abstract though and are intellectual. They can understand each other’s preoccupation with ideas like, say, water signs can’t so easily.

Moon and Ascendant Signs

Marriage Prediction Free

Besides your Sun sign, check the compatibility between your Moon and Ascendant and your partner’s. The Moon travels through the zodiac just as the Sun does, but much quickly: while the Sun takes a year to make a full revolution, the Moon takes only four weeks. The Moon sign reveals your emotional needs and instincts. If you have the Sun in a zodiac sign, it is similar to that of another person with the Moon in that sign; but they are not the same.

For example, let’s say you have the Sun in Sagittarius. You strive to expand your mental and physical horizons as the way to fulfill your dreams and attain a sense of maturity. If someone you know has the Moon in Sagittarius instead, their needs are different. Moon in that sign likes to go outdoors and discover new things for emotional comfort, for relaxation and inner peace. That person may enjoy the same activities as you do — maybe traveling, learning about foreign cultures, sports, philosophy, reading, etc. — but it is for completely opposite reasons. The Sun sign seeks activity and power, the Moon sign seeks rest and comfort.

Having the Sun and Moon in friendly signs is a very good sign in astrological compatibility. To use the example above, if you have the Sun in Sagittarius and your partner has the Moon in that sign, it forms a strong bond. Your partner feels his or her needs fulfilled by you.

The Ascendant is not a planet. It is the first degree on the east of your birth chart. It represents the horizon. The Ascendant sign or Rising Sign is the most visible part of your personality. Just like the sun at sunrise, it shines where everyone can see it. Your Ascendant sign should ideally be compatible with your partner’s Ascendant sign too, or perhaps his or her Sun or Moon sign and vice versa. For example, a Cancer Ascendant sign is highly compatible with a Capricorn Ascendant, its opposite sign.

Your Ascendant sign can be determined if your exact birth time is known. Your Moon sign depends on your birth date and year, and perhaps the time as well if the Moon switched signs on your birthday.
Marriage Prediction Free

Beyond Zodiac Sign Compatibility

But astrological compatibility is much more complex than you may realize. You are not just one zodiac sign, or two or three. In fact, you do not have a zodiac sign to the exclusion of the others. Everyone has the twelve signs in their horoscopes; it’s just different positions and strengths. To really discover how two people interact with each other from an astrological point of view, you or your astrologer would need to read the actual birth charts of the people in question.

In real astrology, you also look at the planets and the angles they form to each other between the two charts. You also need to look at the positions that your planets occupy in your partner’s chart, and their planets in yours With so many factors to look into, it goes without saying that it takes a skilled astrologer to do this well.

How You Can Get an Astrology Love Reading

There are various ways to get a love reading. You can get a reading or perhaps a live consultation with a professional astrologer. You can also buy compatibility reports, at various prices, over the Internet. If you would rather have it done for free, you may find an amateur astrology student who wants to hone his or her skills offering free readings in forums or chat rooms. If you want serious, competent advice from someone who may also be a licensed relationship counselor (it depends on state and country laws on astrological practice), it is best to pay for consultation with a reputable astrologer.

What Astrology Can and Can’t Do

Astrologers do not tell their clients what to do with a relationship. All astrology does is show you the potential of what’s in your natal charts. You and your partner always decide what to do with that potential. This is important to keep in mind. Never let any reading or report convince you one way or the other. The decision is always yours. When you analyze yourselves and your charts honestly, you may be able to feel and understand how the astrological influences work. However you should also understand better than anyone else what you want. The final authority is always you and your partner together.

True horoscope compatibility is not just about zodiac sign matchmaking; it is about the complex interplay of two unique individuals as shown by their astrological birth charts. Learn more about natal chart compatibility as practiced by modern astrologers.

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marriage prediction free

Working With Married Life

Marriage Prediction Free

If we mention the term marital relationship, exactly what is the first thing that comes out in your mind? Most people ask about this will most likely say “love” is the thing that they are pondering every time they speak about marital relationship. Yes, it’s correct! Love should always be found in wife and husband. Still, would it be truly just about love which makes marital relationship work? Love is just a small piece from the puzzle. Marriage is not that simple if you do not have learned to deal with it and when your lifetime companion is just not prepared to help you create a good connection.

Married life involves a couple who love one another. These two individuals should certainly have faith in each other. For many, trust is really important inside a relationship. Love is nothing without having trust. Both must understand one another. Typical reason why you can find those married couples who often end up with a battle is that, they don’t understand each other’s mental attitude or actions. That is why it is necessary to firstly, know one another just before deciding for a marital relationship.

Let us try to put in thoughts those younger people who decide to get married in an early age. What do you see with them? These people often do not understand one another, correct? A few are just force for getting married because they currently have baby. However, where’s the heart and soul of marital relationship in here if people are just forced and when people are just thinking that love is the only thing which makes relationship work? This issue ought to be fix. If they truly love one another, they have to deal with the result of their improper choices.

Marriage is completely different compared to adolescent life. You don’t consider solely of yourself here. In case you decide a thing, make it sure that your better half understands and confirms over it. You both ought to focus on it for better or for worst. However, you can’t escape the reality that conditions will always be seen in all relationships. It will depend onto the couples on how they are going to deal with it. In some cases, it will likely be recommended that you look for other people’s guidance for you to be enlightened. There exists free counseling prepared to advice you with all your life’s problems. It really is healthful in the mind, body and soul to speak about your problems and worries in everyday life. It will also help make a good connection to those that you treasure the most. view this web page to see that counseling could truly help save marital relationship.

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