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Horoscope matching reading

Finding a true love partner is very important work to ensure good and prosperous life. It is highly advisable to get horoscope matched of both partners before entering into a relationship. This is to ensure you don’t experiences relationship problems in future.

Vedic astrology provides method to match horoscopes of both partners and choose right partner. Horoscope matching is done to identify the love, features, nature and communication features of persons. If compatibility between both the partners is not checked and they are not compatible enough then there can be problems in thier married life or relationships.

Sometimes it is not easy to know exact nature and mental makeup of a person just by verbal communication. We have proven science of Indian Astrology which can help you in a great deal. Horscope Matching is done so that both persons live balanced, harmonious and healthy life together for a long period.

Generally people assume basic only gun milan is method to get horoscope matched, but Horoscope Matching much more than this. Under gun milan, if 18 or more points are matched out of 36 it is considered horoscope of both partners are matched. But there many other things which need to be considered before entering into relationship or marriage. An experienced astrologer matches horoscopes of both the partners and provides his valuable tips or information in order to make life of both partners better when people entering in their love relationships.

Some of points are mentioned below for Horosope Reading matching:

  • Gun Milan: Out of 36, basic compatibility is matched with 18 numbers. Below this number horoscope is not considered as matched properly and it not good for future prospects.
  • Mental Compatibility: Mental makeup of both partners are analyzed by expert astrologer so that their mental compatibility matches with each other. If both partners are of short tempered, then it may result in strained relationship.
  • Manglik(Mangal) Dosh: The Manglik dosha is checked by placement of planet Mars in horoscope of both partners in certain houses. If not checked properly for Manglik Dosha relationships can have ill effects.
  • Longevity: For Long term relationship it is necessary to check longevity of both boy and girl carefully. If there is resonable difference then there is no need to match it further.
  • Separative Tendencies: There should not be any separative tendencies in any of the partners. Both partners should not have any tendency for long separation or any signs of divorce between them.
  • Children: In long term relationship or marriage, every couple wants to have children out of their relationship. Horoscopes must indicate at least one child out of their relationship.
  • Health: Health is another most important factor which needs to be considered. Both partners should lead healthy life and should not face any crippling or fatal diseases or accident.
  • Sexual attraction & satisfaction: There should some level of sexual attraction between both partner and both should be able to satisfy sexual urge of their partner.

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what questions should be asked to boy before marriage in arranged marriage?

In the first time meeting need to take decision as to say yes or No to guy.. hw can I decide oin first time meet…what questions should be asked to boy before marriage in arranged marriage?

hw much horoscope match is required?

Pay attention to his movements and mannerisms. Is he courteous? Nice? Respectful? This is how he’ll be toward you, so pay attention. And why don’t you ask him “How are you” or “What do you like to do?” or something like that. Also, make sure he smiles. You don’t want to be with a grump.

And, depending on who matched your horoscopes, I’m sure that your parents and his parents put each other in good hands. It sounds to me like you’re nervous, and you have every right to be because your wedding is a big deal!

You’ll know if you like him right away, don’t worry. You’ll be ok.

And for everyone else, how dare you? Seriously! This is still regarded in India as a tradition, and as supposed “cultured” Americans, we should respect it, not scoff at it. So they do things a little differently, oh well! They’ve been doing it this way for years and have like, 3 billion freakin’ people in their country, have one of the lowest divorce rates, so something’s obviously working here. And while they may have their tiffs every now and again, it’s not like WE don’t over here, either. Be respectful people. You have no right to judge someone because of how they marry or handle things a certain way.

marriage horoscope match/

Marriage compatibility of Gemini with Leo by Gurleen Kaur

Marriages are ought to be the bond, which is the purest and which lasts for the lifetime, of the human being. It is the sanctity of this bond, which has made the Indians, worship this bond like anything and due to which they have immense belief in the power of the marriage. In India, marriages are the most talked about and the hugely celebrated occasion. It is in fact, a festival for the families involved. Arrangement and the preparation for the marriage start days before the wedding ceremony. All the preparations are done well in advance, so that no problem or tensions get created on the day of wedding. Indian marriages are mostly arranged marriages, where the families of the bride and groom look for a prospective life partner for their children. This is supposed to be the biggest responsibility on the shoulders of the Indian parents. Because, choosing life partner means the person, who would stand by their son or daughter in all the situations of life. Therefore, a lot of research and thought processes are involved, before the final decision is made.

The most eminent step, which is taken by the Indian families, is the matching of the horoscopes of the bride and groom before marriage. Matching the horoscope is considered as a precautionary step, to see that the bride and groom are compatible with each other and would be able to spend their whole life together. Keeping in mind, the importance of the horoscope matching in Indian families, I started the article series on the compatibility of different zodiacs. Moving further now comes the turn of Gemini and Leo. Both of them have quite a lot of common traits between them, which attracts them towards each other. Both are youthful, fun- loving, broadminded and versatile.

Gemini and Leo love to enjoy life and do adventurous things, for making life more interesting and lively. The intellectuality of both the individuals also matches with each other a lot, because of which they enjoy each others talk and does not feel bored. The matching interests and talking styles makes the conversation more interesting and they tend to be more comfortable with each other. This is a very good sign for a married couple, as this would lead to a feeling of security and commitment in their marriage. But the problem comes, when the longitivity of the relation comes at stake, because Gemini is the one, who does not like to stick to relations, whereas a Leo believes in strong and long term bonds. Gemini is very eager to move on and unstuck with a person after a long time bond with him.

Also, Gemini’s some time looses the control of their speech and in anger can say something, which has the capability to hurt the other person. This can hurt the egoistic Leo and can lead to problems in the married life of the Gemini and Leo, but the forgiving power of the Leo solves the problem and they again get back to their normal life and cherish the compatibility they have. Both of them have immense warmth and care in their attitude, which results to a beautiful journey of marriage between the two. The most important element of marriage is the space in the relation, which if given by both of them, can lead to the formation of a very strong marriage bond. Therefore, the Gemini and Leo should not exceed their interference in each other’s life, beyond a level which would irritate the other person. Also, loyalty has to be kept intact in the relation by both the bride and groom to ensure the smooth flow happiness and joy in their married life.

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marriage horoscope match



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